Kabin's TTS bot has been such an integral part of my community and brought many moments of joy and humour but also a way to let everyone communicate, under many situations. Kabin has also been amazing to talk to an work with! He is very bright and has an amazing future ahead of him.

testimonialBellas Bouquet

Best TTS I've tried out of trying a few of them. It's nice I can use whatever text channel I'd like rather than dedicating a channel to TTS. Much appreciated.

testimonialDaddy Aptonoth

well firstly, the bot is really cool and convenient when we don't feel like talking; or can't talk at all. however an issue we've noticed is that sometimes the bot speeds up or slows down when speaking, it's funny but the bot becomes incoherent that way.


Hi!! I always use this bot because I have speech issues (autism) and so in my friend group server i have a dedicated text channel + use the aeiou voice to differentiate from other people. A lot of my friends use tts on occasion, for stuff like fatigue/people near irl/etc. This is really common for our friends, but it gets confusing because there's only 2 voices so I can't tell which person is talking. So I have to look at the other tts channel not mine.